Max Anderson vs. Brian Hollister: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 27:42
File Size: SD 330.3MB/ HD 1.86GB

Max Anderson                5’11”          23yo        186 lbs
Brian Hollister                 6’               21yo        214 lbs

THE REMATCH! This rematch has been 2 years in the making. Both these wrestlers have not met since their first match, two years ago. Brian (blue speedos) is ready for revenge. He has not lost a match since his first match against Max (green speedos). Max just takes things as they come. He isn’t overly psyched. “I beat him the first time, I will do it again”. But Brian has 20 more pounds of muscle and a lot more wrestling experience. He’s more than ready.

They lock up on their feet and you can see the muscles ripple as they each try to get an advantage over the other. Max finds out that he can’t throw Brian. Brian is just too strong. Brian gets the first takedown and finds out that it’s not so easy to get a hold on Max – he’s just too good. This is a real power against skill match. Brian continues to over power Max, stays on top for most of the match, but can’t do much with it. Max puts in some real skill moves, gets tight on Brian especially with the scissors, but Brian powers out of everything. Brian tries to choke Max out, but Max gets in chin in on the forearm each time. This is a really cool match.

Over 30 minutes of wrestling, but a definite winner. Both wrestlers are completely exhausted but won’t tap out. No stopping this match, no breaks, no time outs – just continuous wrestling till there is a winner. That is exactly how it ends.

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