Max Anderson vs. Christos Voronin

Total Running Time: 19:36
File Size: 240.9MB

Max Anderson 5’11” 181 23yo
Christos Voronin 5’11” 183 18yo

Check out this muscle teen! Born in Russia currently going to school in the US, Christos (black/yellow speedos) is a buffed, tough, trained hunk. The muscle teen has been waiting a long time to come to the US and wrestle Max (black speedos). At first, Max is completely overwhelmed by the aggressive moves and speed of Christos. His strength and power seem to be too much for Max. Chris throws his legs around Max and won’t let Max get his trademark ankle lock. Chris holds Max in a figure-four body scissors and use this 17 inch guns to torture Max’ head and neck. When Max finally breaks out , Chris traps Max in a triangular choke and it’s all over. Max can’t believe he lost.

Two more submissions. Twenty minutes of vicious wrestling. Max isn’t going to let this teen put him down, but it’s real tough. Chris likes to choke and Max hates that. This is a great match. Max wants a rematch. We want to see Chris challenge Bart Gilroy. All coming up on Movimus Wrestling.

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