Jax Holland vs. Dean Bly: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 18:10
File Size: 216.4MB

Jax Holland            6’1”           206 lbs          21yo
Dean Bly                6’1            182  lbs         18yo

THE REMATCH! Jax (yellow speedos) is way more than ready. He was so pissed after losing to Dean (blue speedos) that he wanted the rematch immediately. It took a couple months and it was worth the wait. Dean is confident, thus aggressive, ruff, determined. Jax is just not going to tap no matter what it takes.

Jax likes wrestling on his back – and he’s strong enough to do it. Jax goes to his back and uses his huge biceps and forearms to manhandle Dean. Dean tries to use his weight to control Jax. No way! Jax tosses him. Dean uses scissors after scissors. Jax pushes out and reverses. Dean is squirming more than one time to escape from the power of Jax Holland.

Just a great match. These well built, tough guys go all out. It’s a war. Who is going to last? Who is going to survive? Three submissions – three. Unbelieveable! And they all go to the same wrestler! Totally Unbelievable! You’ve got to watch this one for the decisive results.

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