Paul Ritacco vs. Alex Stamos

Total Running Time: 21:32
File Size: HD 1.26GB/

Paul Ritacco                 5'10"        165 lbs          19yo
Alex Stamos                 5'7"          154 lbx          18yo

Alex (black speedos) came to Movimus Chicago with a challenge for Paul (blue speedos). Alex just finished his HS senior wrestling season and wanted a shot at Paul. Paul has been practicing a lot, every week, working out and learning many more moves and holds. These guys are well suited for a good match - and it sure was.

Alex overpowers Paul with his strong biceps and chest early on in the match. Paul is definitely intimidated but not about to give into a younger High School Wrestler. Alex stays on top and keeps control, but Paul uses many great holds from his back. Soon he reverses Alex and has the "kid" struggling to get control. Alex has great arm strength and uses a nasty headlock on Paul.

Paul has those really strong legs and knows how to use them. He manages to keep reversing Alex with just his legs. Alex gets frustrated and the wrestling becomes more intense. This match is two out of three falls. We were never sure how it would turn out until the very last tap out.

They came back to the Movimus Chicago Rec Room the very next day and did a rematch - incredibly awesome rematch. Watch for it soon on MOVIMUS WRESTLING!

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