Max Anderson vs. Alex Reid: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 22:33
File Size: HD 1.32GB/ 4K 4.8GB

Max Anderson               5'11"      195 lbs       22yo
Alex Reid                       6'           193 lbs      18yo

THE REMATCH! He's back - bigger, more ripped, more trained. Alex (black speedos) practiced, had a couple other Movimus matches, put on a few pounds, and worked out regularly with college buds, just to get back to NYC and "beat" Max (red speedos). He immediately takes control of Max, brings him to the mat and starts working him over. He shows a lot more skill and balance, control and determination. He wants this win and he wants it badly.

Max, being as cocky as he has become, approaches this match with complete and total confidence. "I beat him once and I'll do it again" Cocky Brat, isn't he ? But Max is good, really good, and, unfortunately, he knows it. He is tough, strong and a very good wrestler, getting better with each match. Alex totally takes it to Max. Max again wrestles out of everything and brings the tough teen to the mat and pounds on him. Alex works hard and confidently to escape but Max won't hear of it. Max gives Alex a pretty good beating before getting him to tap.

The rematch is long and constant. Both wrestlers are exhausted, but that is when Max Anderson is at his best. This is great - Max is great. He wrestles his heart out and beats Alex again. Get back to the gym Alex. You've got to give Max another shot.

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