Greg Ramsey vs. Glenn Fox

Total Running Time: 26:36
File Size: 323.6MB

Greg Ramsey                 5'7"              142 lbs           21yo
Glenn Fox                       6’2”              187 lbs          19yo

Unbelievable! Check out Greg Ramsey (purple speedos). At 5'7" and 142 pounds he is incredible. Glenn Fox (black speedos) is a college athlete, and a fairly good wrestler. But Greg totally pounds Glenn into submission - many times. Glenn is a big boy, strong, well built - a powerhouse. Greg is a wrestler - a damn good one. Glenn knew enough to watch out for Greg's arm bar. Greg used it on Erik Brown and Glenn watch that awesome match. Glenn was talking about it before the match, saying he knew he had to watch out for the arm bar, but if he got caught, he was pretty sure he could power out of it. "After all, I've got 40 pounds on this guy". First fall, about 5 minutes into the match, Glenn taps in an arm bar.

Greg head locks Glenn on his feet and flips him right over his back. Glenn is flat on the mat with Greg on top. Glenn wrestles hard and tough, doesn't get winded at all, tries all kinds of moves and holds. It's almost like Greg knows what is coming and defends against it. I don't think that Greg was even close to submitting at any point in this match. The big guy goes down - hard and fast.

At one point during the match, we indicated from the sidelines for Greg to try a head scissors. Thirty seconds later Glenn was taping out from a mad tight Greg head scissors. This is great. This little 21 year old tough wrestler just takes the big College athlete apart - piece by piece. You'll watch this match over and over again.

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