The Young Brothers: Ben vs. JayJay

Total Running Time: 33:23
File Size: 408.5MB

Ben Young                     5'9"                174 lbs                 23yo
JayJay Young                5'10"              168 lbs                 18yo

JayJay (blue/black speedos) was 17 years old and on the sidelines watching his two older brothers, Ben and Timmy,  wrestled . JayJay just couldn't wait to wrestle. This match takes place on JayJay's 18th birthday. He shows up with Ben (black speedos) - his oldest brother, and the challenge is on. JayJay is more than ready. He goes right after Ben, twists him up, cranks on his head and gets the first submission. Ben comes right back, laughs at his brothers body scissors, and works him into a submission.

The war is on. It's back and forth, each wrestler getting more and more aggressive as the match continues. At one point they both get pissed. JayJay is in a full nelson and hates it. He wrestles out and arm-bars Ben. JayJay is really pissed. He doesn't let Ben go when Ben taps out. Then he smacks Ben on the side of his head, and gives him a major kick in the back. Civil war in the Young Family !

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