Max Anderson vs. Alex Reid

Total Running Time: 21:43
File Size: HD 1.25GB/ 4K 4.5GB

Max Anderson 5'11" 192 22yo
Alex Reid 6' 187 18yo

Alex (black speedos) is one tough Texan teen. Take a look at him. Now a freshman in college, he wrestled all through high school. His submission experience is limited, but this teen is tough. Max (light greed speedos) took one look at the ripped Alex when Alex wrestled Chet Masters and knew he wanted to get this kid on the mat. But Max won't be intimidate - as you all know by now. He went right after the teen wrestler and, about 3 minutes into the match, picked up his legs and wrapped them very tightly around Alex's head and put on the big squeeze. Alex tapped.

Alex came out tougher and more prepared for match 2, but Max was undaunted. Alex wrapped up Max a few times, but Max powered out and reversed each and every time - frustrating the teen. Head locks, cradles, nelsons, it's all there. Alex wants to be the Movimus pretty boy, but he is hard pressed to do it. Max proved just too skilled and strong.

Alex immediately challenged for a rematch - of course, Max agreed. Alex warned Max that he was going to practice before his next trip to NYC.

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