Barrett Storm vs. Jax Holland: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 25:41
File Size: SD 310.2MB/ HD 1.4GB

Barrett Storm 6'3" 197 23yo
Jax Holland 6' 198 20yo

The super re-match. Both wrestlers only took a ten minute break from their first match - then challenged each other to a second match. Each was totally determined to come of this one winning. They are tough, in great shape, with super stamina. They go at each other without any fear and they are both tough fighters. Jax' (red speedos) head lock is incredible and has Barrett (blue speedos) writhing in pain. Jax wraps his huge legs around Barrett's waist a couple times and Barrett is squirming to power out. Jax really shows his power in this match.

Barrett get behind Jax and tries a choke and body scissors. Jax manages to keep Barrett's legs off him, no head scissors - even though Barrett tries numerous times to get his strong legs around the muscle boy. There is no stopping these two wrestlers. When we stop the camera and tell them to take a short break (they had been wrestling almost 45 minutes), they both say "no - keep the camera going". You can't find tougher, more intense wrestlers than these two.

Finally, after twenty-five minutes of continuous action, one wrestler gets behind the other, body scissors and uses a blatant choke hold - it's all over. At least it is over for now. These two guys are not about to stop.

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