Matt DiNapoli vs. Hunter O'Reilly

Total Running Time: 23:43
File Size: 290.1MB

Matt DiNapoli               5'8"          146 lbs          22yo
Hunter O'Reilly             6'             159 lbs          22yo

Matt (blue speedos) contacted Movimus about wrestling Hunter (purple speedos) right after his last match was released and Matt saw Hunter take on Patrick Donovan. Matt is a tough, compact, well proportioned wrestler. His muscular chest gives some idea of how strong this 146 pounder really is. Matt was really nervous about wrestling Hunter, and Hunter was his usually cocky self. Hunter was very confident that he could take the smaller wrestler down and defeat him with his powerful legs. Hunter has been working on his scissors against his two older brothers.

They started out pretty even – good exchange of holds – looking like these two guys were very evenly matched. When Hunter put his head scissors on tight and squeezed with everything he had, he thought it was all over. When Matt got out of that, then easily slipped out of Hunters’ body scissors as well, Hunter taped out just from frustration.   Matt proceeded to gain confidence and two more submissions before Hunter really decided he wasn’t going to take this kind of a beating in a Movimus match.  He turned the tide and, after a really long match, got a submission from Matt. From that point on you will see Movimus Wrestling as it should always be. Both wrestlers would not tap. They wrestled the last match to sheer exhaustion. Twenty – five minutes of on the mat, real, tough submission wrestling. You can expect to see a lot more of these two wrestlers, probably against each other.

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