The Pappagio Brothers -- Steve vs. Brian

Total Running Time: 30:07
File Size: 307.1MB

Steve Pappagio        5’5”     130     20yo
Brian Pappagio         5’5       128     18yo

            Wrestling Brothers: Both former High School wrestlers.   Typical teenage brothers. Brian (red speedos) contacted us and asked for a match. Two days later, then were both in the Movimus Rec Room. Steve (blue speedos) is two years older than Brian and immediately said he wasn’t going to lose to his younger brother.  

            Even though they have a lot of collegiate background, both these guys were ready for a “real” submission match. Brian threw a couple good body shots at Steve, hit the top of his head a few times on their feet, and did everything he could to antagonize Steve. Steve keeps his cool and shows his wrestling skill. The cross faces hurt just to watch, the leg locks are powerful, head scissors – vicious, bear hugs for all directions at all times. Both guys know what body control is and how to use it, and (being brothers) neither will give an inch to the other.  

            At one point, Steve is caught in a super tight head scissors and says to Brain – “I ain’t gonna tap, bro”. That‘s the attitude of the whole match. It went 2 out of 3 falls with a definite winner. It’s ain’t over – they will rematch. Already the Movimus lightweights are lining for these two tough brothers.

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