Enrique Tallos vs. Mel Olsen

Total Running Time: 29:13
File Size: 348.9MB/ HD 2.02GB

Enrique Tallos       5’5”          132          18yo
Mel Olsen               5’7”          153          28yo

Enrique (blue speedos) challenged a bodybuilder, Mel (black bike shorts).   Enrique is pretty cocky since he has been winning matches and getting a lot better with the moves and holds.   He figured it was time to challenge a much stronger guy.   Mel is in great shape, very strong, hitting the gym at least five times a week, and he looks it.  

But Enrique was not intimidated at all. He went right after the muscle man and just got frustrated when Mel tossed him around, pushing his way out of just about every hold Enrique could thing of.   But Enrique is a runner , a distance runner. Stamina is his strength and he needed every bit of it in this match.  

Mel can easily hold Enrique in one position, but his wrestling skills are not great and he wasn’t sure how to make the “kid” submit.   Enrique can take a lot and not give up. His speed was too much for Mel to handle and in the end Mel tired out while Enrique just increased his speed.   The muscle man gets pushed around and handled by the “kid”.   Enrique is awesome and relentless. He won’t give Mel a break. Each time Mel powers out of a move, Enrique is right there with another one to foil Mel’s muscles.

 There is no stopping Enrique. He is proving to be one of Movimus' best

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