Caleb Fairchild vs. Dave Piccolo

Total Running Time: 18:14
File Size: SD 218.1MB/ HD 1.27GB

Caleb Fairchild           5'8"        140 lbs         22yo
Dave Piccolo              6'0"        158 lbs         18yo

Dave (green speedos) is a college frat dude who wrestles in competition for his fraternity. When he heard about Movimus he was totally psyched to take on any of the Movimus Wrestlers. Cal (red speedos) has been working out (wrestling) with much bigger guys. He is real strong, as you saw against Stephano Artega and in great shape. This promised to be a really great match even before these two guys met. They got together in the Rec Room and both were ready to go. Dave comes out fast and aggressive. Cal counters with a head lock that brings Dave down.

When Dave tries to throw in the head scissors, Cal just pushes his legs away. Again, Cal uses the head lock to get control of the teen and bring him to the mat. Cal's attack is non-stop and Dave isn't sure what to do. He gets winded and angry with himself. Don't we get a bread he says, to which Cal responds: "You want a break, just give up". No way for Dave. Even when Cal gets behind with a cross-face and body scissors, Dave struggles out to a neutral position. Dave watches for the headlock and this time doesn't get caught. Instead he wraps Cal in a real tight body scissors that has Cal squirming and about to submit.

You can see the clamped on muscle of Dave's legs is really hurtin Cal. But he won't give in. It's really tough from here. Finally, at the very end of the match there is one submission since one guy finally couldn't take any more. You'll have to watch for yourself to find out who the winner is, but be assured, this is some really great wrestling !

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