Enrique Tallos vs. Paul Ritacco: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 33:29
File Size: 408.5MB

Enrique Tallos 5'6" 144 19yo
Paul Ritacco 5'10" 156 19yo

THE REMATCH! Enrique(green speedos) has asked for this rematch many, many times. Paul (white speedos) has bulked up, gotten tougher, and he's been practicing his moves and holds. Enrique is definitely the most vivacious Movimus wrestler. There is not stopping this kid. He just won't give up. Sometimes we're afraid he's let himself get hurt before he taps out.

Paul thinks this is going to be an easy victory. He did a real good job controlling Enrique in their first match, and it was the very first time Paul had wrestled. Paul figured he'd use his powerful legs to get Enrique to submit. But Enrique was just too quick. He gets Paul on his back right away and Paul finds out how hard it is to turn Enrique. These two tough teens battle for 30 minutes. At the very end there is first one submission then another, and the match ends in a draw. Get the idea that this one isn't over yet? I bet you're right !

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