Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs. Connor Flynn: Match 3

Total Running Time: 19:36
File Size: HD 874 MB/ 4K 4.38GB

Connor Flynn 6’1” 177 23yo
Donnie “Brax”Braxton 6’ 171 25yo

The re-rematch! Brax (white & blue speedos) has some catching up to do. Brax knows (after two matches) that he is a better wrestler than Connor (blue speedos) but Brax also knows that Connor is tough and determined. Brax is committed to win this match, and Connor is not about to let that happen.

The truth is that these two guys love wrestling each other. “We never know who is going to win” Connor told NHB. “That’s the best kind of match”. Brax gets the first take down and keeps Connor on his head. An excellent exchange of holds for about five minutes when Brax clamps on his patented head lock and really has it cranking. We figured it was all over for Connor as it was in their first match, but we were wrong. Connor struggled violently and escaped only to be caught again in a couple minutes , not get out – and tap-out.

Connor comes back on the mat pissed and within two minutes has Brax tapping-out. But Brax is not intimidated in any way. He goes for his great guillotine that we have seen him use so many times on the smaller guys. This time he catches 6’1” and 177 pounds in that wicked guillotine and he has it real good. As soon as he puts the pressure on Connor’s neck, it’s another tap-out.

But it ain’t over – not by a long shot. These two guys are great wrestlers, super stamina and unparalleled ability. It’s really great watching their matches. One of them is ahead in the count, but I’m sure it’s not over.


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