Connor Flynn vs. Kevin Harris

Total Running Time: 32:14
File Size: 1.2GB/ 4K 7.12GB

Connor Flynn                    6’1”               176 lbs             23yo
Kevin Harris                      6’1”               188 lbs             21yo

Kevin (blue speedos) is a big, strong bodybuilder and football player. At almost 190 pounds, it’s all muscle, lean and ripped. Connor (red, white, blue speedos) took one look at Kevin and said “this is gunna be fun”. Intense wrestling – little talking. Connor knows he’s got to wrestle his best to handle this muscle stud.

Kevin brings him down fast, wraps those muscle biceps and forearms around Connor’s head and squeezes. Connor tries to turn, reverse, just plain get free – he can’t. Kevin squeeze’s harder and Connor screams like 5 times “I give”. Impressive first match. Connor is pissed – and determined.

Kevin tries the same thing in match 2. Connor is down and on his back getting the pressure poured on his head. But this time he gets plenty of air and keeps his cool. He escapes, but can’t reverse. They lock hands and try a test of strength. Kevin sinks his fist into Connor’s gut. Long match , lots of action. Connor finally gets behind Kevin ,sinks in a tight body scissors and cross-face. Kevin struggles but there is no way out. It’s 1-1 , and not the real wrestling starts.

The rest is for the record books. These two wrestlers are not friends. They both want the win – bad. They both will stop at nothing to defeat the other. Twenty more minutes of a wicked match – all the stops pulled out. This is another Movimus match you’ll watch over and over again.

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