Patrick Donovan vs. Chris March

Total Running Time: 22:16
File Size: 263.2MB/ HD 1.55GB

Patrick Donovan 6'1" 168 31yo
Chris March 6'1" 189 26yo

Movimus welcomes back Chris March (white speedos). Many of our customers, who have asked for more Chris March matches, will be pleased to see that he is back, in better shape than ever, heavier, more muscular and much more aggressive. Patrick (blue speedos) had already wrestled around with some friends the morning of this match. He wasn't sure he could handle the bigger wrestler. Chris is just a big guy and big all over. He's not a trained, skilled wrestler, but he makes up for that in size. He's very hard to move or control. The only chance a smaller guy has against Chris is to catch him by surprise when he doesn't expect it, wrap him up fast, before he can counter the move, and keep him locked so that he gets frustrated. Patrick tries everything he knows (and he knows a lot), but he's got his hands full with Chris.

When Chris gets his powerful, big legs wrapped around Patrick's head, and applies a super powerful head scissors, Patrick is in real trouble. He turns, pushes, struggles and does everything he can to escape those legs. Chris keeps the pressure up, just releasing for a second, which is enough for Patrick to escape. But you can see the frustration on Patrick's face.

Patrick uses all his skill and strength to get Chris back to the mat, stay on top and tie up the big guy. When he finally gets the upper hand, he pours on the pressure until Chris finally submits.

Their second match is just as exciting and rough. This is real, submission wrestling between very evenly matched opponents - Just what MOVIMUS WRESTLING is all about !

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