Max Anderson vs. Cody James: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 23:19
File Size: 279.5MB

Max Anderson 5'11" 182 20yo
Cody James 5'11" 181 20yo

THE REMATCH! Cody (green speedos) is ready ! Max (blue speedos) is more ready! Max is quickly becoming the MOVIMUS WRESTLER to beat, and Cody knows it. When he first came to us, Cody had many of the Movimus wrestlers lining up to wrestle him. Now Max has that distinction ñ and Cody doesn't like it. This re-match has been on the minds of these two wrestlers since the first match. Both have been working out with some of their friends , trying out new moves and holds. Cody is relying more and more on his power. He works out with his 275lb. Bodybuilder brother. Max has developed much more skill, working on moves and holds with smaller opponents.

These two guys toss each other around the mat, great exchanges of moves and holds, head locks, body scissors, arm bars (at least attempted), full nelsons, failed sleeper holds, on the mat bear hugs, vicious head scissors, and loads others. This is a real brawl. They stay on the mat for the entire match until there is a winner- and there is definitely a winner. Control changes back and forth, but there is a definite submission winner in this one. Frustration and anger overwhelm the loser ( and it is obvious) and the winner actually claps for himself after one of the submissions. There is no holding back these two, in-shape, powerful wrestlers.

This is one Movimus match you can watch over and over again.

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