Cody James vs. Mike Durden

Total Running Time: 21:58
File Size: 261.1MB/ HD 1.52GB

Cody James                 5'11"         183 lbs            19yo
Mike Durden                6'              174 lbs             20yo

Mike (Atama fighting shorts) put on some bulk and size. He started a submission wrestling club at his college. He's been working out a lot and really knows his moves and holds. Cody (blue speedos) is just a "tough kid" always ready to take on the best. He's a real, aggressive fighter who hates to lose even just one match. These two guys couldn't be more perfectly matched. Even though Mike is in Western South Carolina, and Cody in Memphis, TN we were able to get them both to Charlotte, NC for a match. We had a perfect outdoor match in the grass set up, but it rained the whole weekend, so the match moved indoors, but it didn't affect the wrestling at all.

Mike is at the mercy of Cody's power. His only defense is to out maneuver the tough kid with moves and holds that Cody doesn't know. The exchange is tremendous, definitely one of the best we've seen. Match one goes to Cody, match two to Mike, Match three to Cody, match four to Mike, etc. Six submissions from these tough fighter-wrestlers. It couldn't be more even. Mike can't take the power of Cody's legs, and Cody can't handle an arm bar or angle lock. These two guy just keep at it ending the match with three submissions each.

The rematch, and decisive winner, was held the very next day in the same place. You don't want to miss that.

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