Cody James vs. Mike Durden: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 25:28
File Size: 211.2MB

Cody James              5’11”   183     19yo
Mike Durden                6’      174     20yo

THE REMATCH ! !   Cody (navy speedos) is more than ready to show he can destroy Mike (red shorts).   Cody has loads of confidence as this match begins. He verbally attacks Mike, calling him out, taunting him, challenging him.   Cody is totally convinced that he is going to destroy this accomplished wrestler.   They roll around exchanging holds for about 10 minutes when suddenly Cody catches Mike in a reverse head scissors, puts his hands on Mike’s chin and pulls and squeezes at the same time. It’s all over for Mike.

But “cool” Mike never loses control. He stays calm, concentrates, takes his time, and takes Cody down and keeps control of Cody during almost the entire second match until Cody finally submits out of frustration and exhaustion. The third match is just too much to describe. It’s a real wrestlers fantasy match.   Before the third match,we told both wrestlers that this was it, one more match to determine who is the better wrestler.   There is not doubt about the outcome. It’s a long held submission hold that the loser just can’t escape from. The more he tries to escape, counter or just take the pain, the harder the hold is applied. You can see the pain and totally frustration on his face. You hear it with a very loud “F _ _ _ “ after he submits.   This is great. These two guys spent two days battling each other and strategizing on how to defeat the other. Definitely one of Movimus' BEST !  

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