Brian Hollister vs. Jax Holland

Total Running Time: 25:53
File Size: 315.6MB

Jax Holland 6' 190 19yo
Brian Hollister 6' 193 19yo

Jax (red speedos) and Brian (black speedos) played football together in High School - both Texas boys. When Jax told Brian about wrestling for Movimus, Brian totally challenged Jax to match and Jax was ready. Jax is as tough as they come - with a mean streak on the mat. He can be as tough as it takes to lay a beating on his opponent. Brian seemed like a really nice kid. He looked to be in great shape, but he had very little wrestling experience. We were afraid that Jax would completely dominate his buddy and beat him badly. WRONG! We've learned at Movimus to let the guys set up their own matches - they are the best - and there is no exception to that rule.

Brian learned very quickly. At first he tried to escape Jax's powerful holds - pushing Jax off him. He let Jax go a couple times when he could have begun to work him over - inexperience at work. In one of the "time outs" we showed Brian some basic moves, told him to wrestle offense, not defense - told him to stay on the mat and wrestle - and begged him to use his super powerful legs. Man did this kid learn quick. He began to pound on Jax. He stayed on top, used cradles and wicked head locks, kept control and made Jax fight with everything he had just to keep from taping out.

Even when Brian was totally exhausted, he managed to wrap Jax in a killer head scissors and get the tap. This is great wrestling. We promised Brian that we would continue to train him. It's going to take a few trips to Texas to do it, but it will be done and it will be worth it.

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