Ray Mousi vs. Rock Petrov

Total Running Time: 23:26
File Size: HD 2.67/ 4K 4.02GB

Ray Mousi  5'10" 198 LBS 
Rock Petrov 5'8" 178 LBS

In the time we have last seen Rock, he has spent it in the gym and bulking up. You can definitely see the difference between his debut match and this one. He has gained some muscles and what better way to put those muscles to use than to pit him against Movimus Wrestling's bodybuilder, Ray Mousi.

Despite being a match, both wrestlers kept things friendly. Rock knows he has a lot to learn and can pick up tips from Ray. Ray being more experienced was more than happy to show the newcomer the ropes. 

The match started out slowly with each wrestler using their muscles to the maximum. Ray is all beef and can be intimidating, but Rock is up for the challenge. Being lighter, Rock has the agility that puts Ray at a disadvantage despite being solid. Both bodybuilders pushed each other hard in this match and you can see how quickly the pace picks up. 

Fans of bodybuilders and muscle men will love this match. Rock is definitely progressing with his training and we cannot wait to see how far he will develop his physique. 


Wrestlers: Ray Mousi, Rock Petrov

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