Ben Young vs. Craig Mallick

Total Running Time: 31:30
File Size: 380MB

Ben Young 5’9” 170 22yo
Craig Mallick 5’9” 159 20yo

Each time we watch a match from South Africa, we are more and more impressed with the wrestling ability of these young men. They have an excellent concept of submission wrestling – some of the best moves and holds we’ve seen. Ben (blue/black speedos) obviously has spent a good deal of his growing up years in the gym and on the mat. He’s cut, muscular and has an excellent grasp of many submission wrestling moves and holds. We thought, when we saw Craig (red speedos), that he was going to have his hands full trying to handle the more muscular Ben. But, as usually, we were wrong. Craig is not only a superb submission wrestler, but he is quite strong. He’s one of those guys who, as he wrestles, gets more and more pumped and cut, and you begin to see how really strong he is. These guys go at it for so long and so hard, that we can’t even keep track of the submissions.

Lots of tough leg locks, powerful cradles and headlocks, and a variety of other intriguing holds dominate this match. These guys will do just about anything to get the other guy to tap out. We are already negotiating to get a lot more of these two men going at other worthy opponents.

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