Johnny Romano vs. Vinny Reno

Total Running Time: 13:41
File Size: 164.5MB

            Johnny Romano            5’11”     173       45yo
            Vinny Reno                    6’          196       29yo

            Movimus happily welcomes back Vinny (navy blue speedo) after about a year. Some of you may have seen him on the cover of the April issue of “UNZIPPED”. He also was in Amsterdam last summer wrestling in the Olympics, as was Johnny Romano. Johnny (black speedos) asked for an oil match, since he was giving up 20 lbs., and a year or two. Vinny had never wrestled an oil match before, but he was willing to try the match. Just watching these two hunks get oiled up is worth the price of the match.

            Vinny is a great wrestler and very, very strong, so Johnny knew he was in for a tough match. No way is this a squash job, but there is not doubt wo the stronger wrestler is. Johnny gave Vinny a great match, but Vinny is just too strong and too good (in more ways than one). Sporting a brand new, 49hour tattoo that you can’t miss, it’s great to watch Vinny Reno use his wrestling skill and strength against a tough, aggressive opponent.

            The slipping, sliding, and rolling around on the oil mats between these two muscle hunks is a site to enjoy. Not great wrestling here, -- it’s too slippery for that – but you’ll love the attempt at moves and holds and how they just slip out, slid away and start all over. Watch the stretched and rained muscles all oiled up. Great camera shots here.

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