Bobby Bigelow vs. Patrick Donovan

Total Running Time: 18:22
File Size: 223.4MB

Bobby Bigelow 5'11" 177 19yo
Patrick Donovan 6'1" 167 30yo

Bobby (purple speedos) watched a number of Patrick's (blue speedos) matches before asking Movimus for this match. Bobby was confident, secure, even cocky. We told Patrick to work hard in the match and take any opening he was given. (We were pretty sure Patrick was over matched in this one.) Man were we wrong.

Cocky Bobby got his butt kicked. The shock was how easily Patrick put on the cross ankle leg lock, and how quickly Bobby submitted. The more pissed Bobby got, the worse he wrestled. He tried throwing Patrick to the mat, several times. He put on his head scissors, which has been an effective submission tool for him. Patrick just slipped out. He tried his reverse head lock. Patrick got out. He got behind Patrick many times and put in the full body scissors trying for a full nelson or cross face with it. Patrick kept wrapping his long legs around Bobby's ankles and trying for that dreaded ankle lock. Bobby actually submitted twice in that hold.

Bobby did get one submission from Patrick, but it was in shear desperation. If Patrick had not given that instant to Bobby tight head lock and cross face, Bobby would have submitted himself in the ankle lock. This is a really great match.

Bobby is already begging for a rematch. So far, Movimus has said no. We're going to make Bobby sweat for this rematch.

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