Damien Grey vs. Eric Malley

Total Running Time: 19:38
File Size: 285.4MB

Damian Grey               6'           184 lbs            21yo
Eric Malley                  5'8"        154 lbs            27yo

So many Movimus fans have asked to see Eric Malley (black speedos) in a more challenging match. Well here it is. Damian (white speedos) is from New Zealand, as you will tell immediately from his accent. He has no formal wrestling experience, but he is big, thick, strong and loves a good fight. He also has Eric by 20 pounds. At first, Eric was intimidated by Damian's size, especially his big, strong, muscular legs. But Eric knows he can brawl with the best of them. And once the match started, the intimidation was quickly gone.

But Damian is young, a visitor to NYC and the US, and wasn't about to let his country down. He just would not give up. The more holds that Eric got on Damian, the harder Damian fought. His stamina is outstanding, and his power is awesome. He was able to pick up Eric and break many tight holds. At one point he even announced to Eric, "here comes the head scissors". Eric just rolled him over on his neck. That ended that threat.

But Eric lost the first match, his first Movimus Submission. He knew he had to come back in the second match just to even the score. Both of these guys are not quitters. Neither will give up, so the holds are long and tight. The more both these guys wrestle, the more pumped each one gets, and stronger too. Eric has a tough job trying to handle this big New Zealander who is 30 lbs. heavier, but he is up for the task.

Hopefully, Movimus fans are going to see a lot more of these two tough, rough brawlers. By the way, Damian wants all the practice he can get, so contact him for a private match.

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