Lance Jeffers vs. Swage

Total Running Time: 21:37
File Size: SD 259.2MB/ HD 1.19GB

Lance Jeffers 5'8" 156 32yo
Swage 5'9" 159 26yo

Lance (red speedos) has been wanting to wrestle Swage (blue speedos) ever since he contacted Movimus. Lance had been taunting Swage through e-mail for a couple of months before this match. Lance even asked Movimus to send him all Swage's matches so he could get ready for this one. Swage was as cocky and arrogant as ever. He's not used to losing and his confidence is pretty high. He thinks that he can handle most guys his size. He knows how to make a guy give and he planned on taking this guy from South Carolina apart.

Swage was in for a surprise. Lance is a lot stronger than he looks. He's tough and he is a very good wrestler. Many of the moves and holds that Lance has already forgotten, Swage has yet to learn. The first and second falls go to Lance, not surprising to us but it sure was to Swage. Consequently, Swage really was psyched to beat this guy even more. The match get tougher, wrestling is more intense, and the outcome quite decisive.

Two great wrestlers in this one having a vengeance toward each other. There is no stopping the action. Both wrestlers got stronger and more pumped as the match wore on. Swage wrestled real well, and fought hard, but he had an awesome opponent, better wrestler who really wanted to beat the NHB BAD BOY SWAGE !

Wrestlers: Lance Jeffers, Origins, Swage

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