Lance Jeffers vs. Patrick Donovan

Total Running Time: 21:51
File Size: 250.2MB

Lance Jeffers 5'8" 156 32yo
Patrick Donovan 6'1" 164 29yo

Lance (black speedos) came to NYC once again with two particular challenges, one against Patrick (blue speedos). Both these men are accomplished wrestlers. Some of the other Movimus Wrestlers came just to watch these two guys go at each other. Patrick was as confident and cocky as ever. Lance, being just an all around nice guy, just wanted a piece of Patrick to take back to South Carolina.

Lance works real hard on controlling Patrick's upper body in the first match. He does a pretty good job, but Patrick relies on his long, strong legs to get the upper hand. Lance starts the vicious body shots and Patrick returns the favor. Lots of great moves, upper body strength and control. Lance keeps Patrick on his back for most of the first fall, and Patrick has trouble countering the powerful Lance.

Patrick catches Lance in an incredibly strong body scissors at the beginning of the second fall that has Lance wreathing and contorted. He sticks it out, but that hold definitely takes its toll on Lance. He resorts to a lot more body shots, real hard, to try to wear down Patrick. Great wrestling and great ab, torso, and kidney shots.

Patrick told us that he was more sore the day after this match than he's been in many years of wrestling. If you like the well trained, hairy vs. smooth, pretty boy vs. villain match, this is it. Movimus will tape these two men wrestling anytime. Enjoy this one !

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