Leo Sun vs. Asa Cruz

Total Running Time: 18:36
File Size: HD 1.03GB/ 4K 4.23GB

Leo Sun                  5’6”               132 lbs.
Asa Cruz                 5’7”               128 lbs.

Leo (blue speedos) challenges Asa (yellow speedos).   Check out the ripped, muscular bodies on both these lightweight wrestlers.  They are both in super excellent wrestling shape, both very strong, and both always wrestle to win a match.   This is sure a great set-up match that some of the other Movimus wrestlers came by the studio to watch this match.

Early on in the match, Asa clamps a real tight body scissors on Leo.   Just check out the super ripped thighs on Asa, and the agonizing pain on Leo’s face.  It takes a while for Leo to escape, but he manages to clamp his own body scissors on Asa.   You can just see how strong both these wrestlers are.   Asa gets on top and begins giving Leo some real punishment until Leo surprisingly grabs one of Asa’s arm and locks on a wicked arm bar.   There is simply no escape and Asa taps out.

The second fall Asa gets control and diligently works to keep it.   Leo does some really great wrestling with his back on the mat.   Both wrestlers use their strong legs.  Lots of scissors and painful leg locks.   This match is as rough and as tough as it can be.  Both Leo and Asa are out to win and give the other guy as much punishment as possible.   Rarely have we seen this level of intensity in any Movimus match.

You can bet for sure that these two guys will meet again.  They live more than 2000 miles away from each other, but we will definitely get them together for a rematch and, potentially, a World Series Match.

Wrestlers: Asa Cruz, Leo Sun

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