Greg Ramsey vs. Adam Reis

Total Running Time: 24:41
File Size: SD 297.4MB/ HD 1.44GB

Greg Ramsey                 5'7          138 lbs        20yo
Adam Reis                      5'9"         150 lbs       18yo

This is great. These two trained and experienced wrestlers have been asking Movimus for this match for a month. They are both ready, and they are both intent on improving their Movimus reputations. Greg (pink speedos) came to NYC from Maine for the match. Adam (red/black speedos) had just finished his last final exam of his freshman year in college. They are both skilled, way strong, powerhouses, young and ready to really wrestle it out.

They spend the first five minutes on their feet in hand-to-hand combat. You will see that they are both getting tried. Neither can get a take-down or throw on the other. Then a nasty throw by Greg has Adam on his back in a wicked head lock. Greg is strong enough to keep Adam down and squirming for a real long time- and he does. Back on their feet, another throw and more mat action. Continuous, unending, mat wrestling. These two wrestlers just won't give up or give their opponent any opportunity.

Greg tells Adam, after the match, that Adam is the strongest 150 pounder he has ever wrestled. Greg has wrestled some 200 pound professional wrestlers on the Maine circuit. Greg also told Adam that there was no way he could handle his arms - "they are way too strong". Adam finally admitted to Greg that he had heard about his super strong legs from Erik Brown and that he (Adam) did all he could to keep out of scissors. "The one time you got that body scissors , I almost taped out".

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