Greg Ramsey vs. Denny Webb

Total Running Time: 21:23
File Size: SD 260.3MB/ 4K 4.95GB

Greg Ramsey                   5'7"            136 lbs        19yo
Denny Webb                    5'10"           172 lbs        19yo

Denny (green speedos) knew he could handle Greg ( red speedos). He is three inches taller and over thirty pounds heavier. Denny is a trained HS wrestler and has been learning more and more submission. He was totally sure that he could handle Greg. Greg loves to wrestle - AND BEAT - bigger guys. He welcomed and was very enthusiastic about his match against Denny.

Denny immediately tries one of his many throws and locks - and misses. Greg is on top and Denny finds out how tough Greg really is. Greg has great balance and even a guy with more than 30 pounds on him, has great difficulty reversing Greg. Greg eventually grabs and arm, wraps his legs around Denny's head, holds the arm and squeezes the head. This vicious head scissors is almost two minutes before Greg finally lets go of Denny's arm and puts all his power into the head scissors. Denny squirms for a while , but there is no way out and he knows it. The tap out is imminent.

Denny gets right up and comes at Greg. They don't break at all. These well conditioned athletes got for a full 25 minutes without a break. Greg keep using various moves and locks that has Denny on the defensive. Denny tries with all his power and weight to control Greg, but that will never happen. Greg is just too strong and way too skilled. We're beginning to think that Greg may want a match against Max Anderson. He really is that good.

You will watch this match many times over, as we have done at Movimus. We use this match to show prospective wrestlers for NHB, since the skill of these two is outstanding, and the wrestling is just what we like to see at Movimus. This is one match that goes into our archives.

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