Grant Phelps vs. Mark Molina

Total Running Time: 18:24
File Size: HD 1.41GB/ 4K 6.95GB

Mark Molina                           5’9”               173 lbs.                      
Grant Phelps                         6’3”                174 lbs.

Grant (blue speedos) challenges Mark (black speedos).    Mark is in great shape- and strong, but Grant has a huge height advantage.   Grant is out to make an impression on us and all the Movimus Wrestlers.   He is out to win this match.   Mark is not about to let that happen.    They start fast and hard – like, they can’t keep up that pace, but these guys are in awesome shape and each is doing his best to get control and dominate!   They take each other to the mat right away and Grant is doing everything he can to get his huge legs wrapped around Mark.   Mark is not about to let that happen.  Mark gets a good head lock on Grant only to have Grant power out.  Back to the mat, Grant catches Mark in a front head lock and really cranks on the hold.   Mark is forced to tap.

The second fall has Grant on this back and Mark doing some damage with control moves.  Grant battles back to keep from tapping out.   Here is where Grant uses that super height advantage to ward-off Mark’s attach.  Grant keeps working for a scissors, but it is Mark that gets a scissors around Grant’s waist.  Great wrestling – super moves.   These guys are very evenly matched and they are both working hard to get and maintain control.  It’s an on-the-mat brawl! ! !   Neither wrestler can keep control for too long.  They are both proficient at escapes and reversals.

These two young guys (Mark – 20    Grant – 21) are wrestling to win this match.   It’s as intense and tough as it gets.   As even as these two wrestlers are, at the end the score is 3 – 0 and Mark is already challenging Grant to a rematch.   Grant has his tentacles out for Shawn Duncan.   Grant figures that his humongous height and weight advantage is going to give him a victory against Shawn    I guess we’re going to have to see about that.

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