Mikey Hanlon vs. Max Anderson: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 31:43
File Size: HD 1.22GB/ 4K 7.11GB

Mikey Hanlon                  5’9”         174 lbs         22yo
Max Anderson                5’11”        185 lbs         27yo

The ReMatch! INTENSE! FAST-PACED! AGGRESSIVE! AWESOME! INCREDIBLE! I can’t say enough. Mikey (purple speedos) was more than ready. He didn’t like the draw in their first match. He was convinced then, as he is now , that he can not only beat Max (brown speedos) but also take his place as the “most-favored” wrestler at Movimus. Mikey definitely has the skill, power, moves and holds. He’s been a wrestler for more than 10 years. But Max had a plan. Trust me – Max’s plan worked.

At 27 years old Max said that it was real tough wrestling a young, tough kid. Max told us that he couldn’t rely on his upper body power to defeat Mikey, he had to rely on his powerful legs - and that is exactly what Max did. He got Mikey to tap out twice in the first five minute, vicious leg holds. Mikey was rocked, tossed, twisted and forced to tap-out.

But don’t sell Mikey short ! Seems like the more he loses, the more determined he is to come out on top. The third fall takes more than 20 minutes, and it isn’t over yet. Check out Mikey’s body – the more he wrestles, the tighter, more ripped he becomes.

This one isn’t over – not by a long shot. We are thinking of both these guys, only these guys, in New York for a weekend – maybe 4 matches – to settle this score.


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