Mikey Hanlon vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 28:08
File Size: HD 1:08GB/ 4K 6.33GB

Mikey Hanlon 5’9” 175 22yo
Max Anderson 5’11” 188 27yo

Mikey (black speedos) has been challenging Max (red speedos) for many months. This is the first time these two guys have met in person. They were both eager to take the other guy to the mats. Both great, skilled wrestlers, both muscles boys, both winners – a great match-up. Rarely have we had two submission wrestlers of this caliber go at each other at Movimus Wrestling.

This match is just an awesome array of submission wrestling – super moves, powerful locks, great holds, phenomenal counters, what else can be said – this is one super submission wrestling match. Who would come out on top at the end – we had no idea. All of us at Movimus were looking forward to this match – and none of us were disappointed. Two evenly matched , skilled wrestlers, both with complete confidence and determination.

Watch the moves, check out the locks and holds, learn the counters and the submissions – this match has it all. These two very smooth, muscular wrestlers go all out to win, go all out to defeat the other guy, show off , and use their awesome power to prove each is the better wrestler.

No other way to describe this match but – GREAT! 

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