Mikey Hanlon vs. Kevin Harris: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 26:07
File Size: HD 961.3 MB/ 4K 5.81GB

Mikey Hanlon              5’9”              171 lbs          21yo
Kevin Harris                6’1”              196 lbs          21yo

The Rematch! Both these guys have been asking for a rematch. Kevin (black speedos) was very confident after he defeated Mikey (purple speedos) last time. Kevin knew that he had enough power to get Mikey to tap. His strategy was to get Mikey with his python biceps in a headlock and just squeeze until Mikey taped. Mikey was more than ready.

Kevin used his size and strength right from the start and Mikey countered and reversed until Kevin kept escaping and standing up. Mikey knew that if Kevin kept going to his feet, he would eventually tire out. Mikey never gets tired. He’s in totally awesome shape. Kevin clamps on his headlock many times and Mikey escapes each time. Kevin is frustrated. He goes for a head scissors and Mikey is in deep trouble. There is just no escape from Kevin’s formidable thighs. Mikey taps.

They keep going for almost 30 minutes. Really great wrestling. Kevin tries everything he can. Mikey keeps the big guy working – working and wrestling harder than he ever has before. Mikey starts using great holds. Kevin muscles, powers out, pushes, reverses and turns Mikey on his back, but Mikey uses his skill and strength to reverse Kevin over and over again.

The outcome is definitive and the competition is still going on. They are still e-mailing each other saying what is going to happen in the next match. I love it ! This is a war – two battles so far and many more to come

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