Mikey Hanlon vs. Tino Valencia

Total Running Time: 29:26
File Size: HD 1.13GB/ 4K 6.2GB

Mikey Hanlon 5’9” 177 22yo
Tino Valencia 5’9 168 37yo

Tino (orange speedos) flew into New York and asked for a match against Mikey (red speedos). We knew Tino had great wrestling experience and is a real tough guy. We figured we give Mikey the challenge of wrestling an experience wrestler and see how he made out. Tino was ready and Mikey was up for the challenge.

Both guys go at each other tough and hard at the beginning and there is a pretty even exchange of moves, reversals and good holds. Tino loves to use his strong legs, but Mikey is ready to counter. The headscissors are flying at each guy throughout this match. Finally, Tino catches Mikey in a tight headscissors with all his body weight on top of Mikey and the young guy is forced to tap out or pass out!

Mikey gets back on the mat with total confidence and an “I won’t lose again” attitude. He turns on the pressure and just keeps rolling Tino around and tying him up over and over again. Tino uses his power and skill – but Mikey counters. It’s awesome to watch – the experience and skill of Tino taking on the raw power and wrestling ability of Mikey. Another great match for Mikey Hanlon. He keeps telling us that he just using these guys to get an “all out “ rematch against Chris Londis. Mikey is going to get his wish.

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