Alex Carlisle vs. Steve Mason

Total Running Time: 15:33
File Size: HD 1GB/ 4K 2.84GB

Steve Mason               5’7”                 130 lbs.                      
Alex Carlisle                5’10”               153 lbs.

Steve (yellow/black speedo) challenges Alex (blue speedo).   “I’ve beaten guys bigger than him” Steve told us before the match.    And Steve had every intention of beating Alex as well.   Both these young wrestlers are intense and strong.  They both know how to finish an opponent.

Alex takes Steve to the mat and immediately throws in a real tight head scissors.   But there is no way Steve is going to let Alex get him so quickly.  Steve struggles to get free and does.   Alex immediately goes for another head scissors and gets it, but this time Steve is ready for it and catches Alex in a head scissors of his own.   Awesome double head scissors.   Both guys are really struggling until Alex is forced to let go due to the incredible power of Steve’s legs.  Steve continues to pour on the pressure and Alex is in real trouble.

That’s just the first five minutes.  This match is 15 minutes of absolutely incredible submission wrestling.   Steve is very tough and rough and Alex has a real hard time keeping up with his much smaller opponent.    This is one of those matches you’ll watch over and over again.



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