Alex Carlisle vs. Leo Sun

Total Running Time: 16:16
File Size: HD 1.05GB/ 4K 5.16GB

Alex Carlisle                5’10”               151 lbs.                      
Leo Sun                       5’6”                 131 lbs

Leo (red speedos) may be a little guy, but he sure loves taking down the bigger wrestlers.   When he challenged Alex (blue speedos)  he gave up 20 pounds and told us “I’m going to beat this guy”.   Leo knows he is strong and he is sure he can beat Alex if he gets jut the right move and hold on him.  Alex is not about to let that happen.

Alex gets control early on and keeps Leo working to escape.   Alex uses his size and strength to keep Leo on the mat, and Leo is very careful not to get caught in Alex’s legs.   Great leg locks and super arm bars and Leo does his best to beat Alex.  Even as Alex gets caught in Leo’s muscular legs, he struggles to escape and reverse.  

After almost 20 minutes, Leo gets behind Alex and executes an awesome choke and body scissors.   Alex struggles for a while, but he realizes there is no way out!  He taps.

The second match sees Alex come back with a vengeance.   Leo simply isn’t ready for the onslaught from Alex and pretty soon Alex has Leo in a real tight move and in a lot of trouble.   It doesn’t take long for Leo to tap out.

This match ends in a 1 – 1 draw and a promise from both wrestlers for a re-match! 

Wrestlers: Alex Carlisle, Leo Sun

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