Alex Reid vs. Chet Masters

Total Running Time: 22:44
File Size: SD 282.6MB/ HD 1.33GB

Alex Reid              6'           183 lbs         18yo
Chet Masters        5'5"        151 lbs         18yo

WOW! WOW! That's all we can say about these wrestling teens. Take a look at these two guys. Alex ( blue speedos) is a "big boy". Chet (black speedos) is one tough kid - as tough as we've ever seen for his size. Both are former HS wrestlers, both want to win, both are cut and muscled, both are gym rats. Thirty pounds is nothing to Chet. He loves beating bigger guys, just loves it. He's laid back and not presumptuous. Chet is really a great kid, but not on the mat.

Alex is too, a really nice guy, maybe too nice. He wants to fight in the UFC and he plans on beginning that training real soon. Both these wrestlers are freshmen in college and never met before this match. The wrestling is great. Both guys have super head scissors and use them frequently. You've got to check out their head locks! WOW! This is all out wrestling. Watch how Chet bring the big guy down, over and over again. Watch how Chet executes a reversal - incredible. Watch the speed of both boys, if you can keep up with them. They are knowledgeable and quick. Great moves and fast.

This is probably my favorite, at least I think it's the best since Justin Roberts and Bobby Bigelow trounced each other in their sand match. Watch this super wrestling - you won't be sorry.

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