Evan Turner vs. Shawn Duncan: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 15:58
File Size: HD 886.7MB/ 4K 6.06GB


Shawn Duncan                        5’5”                 143 lbs.                      
Evan Turner                             5’7”                 134 lbs.

Shortly after their first match, these guys met for the rematch.   Evan (green speedos) was shocked that he beat the huge muscled Shawn (blue speedos) even just one match in their first encounter.  Now Evan is out to win – and win big. Shawn clamps a wicked head lock on Evan right off and really squeezes.  Evan manages to take Shawn to the mat and escape the headlock.   Evan stays on top and in control, but there is not way he can handle all that muscle on Shawn.  It’s back and forth with both wrestlers working hard for control and domination.   Finally Evan, on his back, gets one leg behind Shawn’s head then locks in the other leg, pulls his angle down and clamps on a real tight triangle.  Shawn struggles but is forced to tap-out!  No one is more surprised that Shawn.

The second fall is much more aggressive and a lock faster wrestling.   Shawn uses his awesome strength to push Evan around the match, but Evan is not going to take it.   He clamps a head scissors and double chin lock on Shawn and has the muscle boy struggling to get free.   Shawn gets some real power holds on Evan but Evan won’t tap.    Again Evan tries for a triangle, but Shawn is ready.  He rolls to this side taking the pressure off the triangle and immediately wraps his massive thighs around Evans chest and squeezes.   Almost immediately Evan taps out.

Now it’s the last fall.  The score is 1 – 1.   Both wrestlers and determined to win this match.   Evan wants to get even.  Shawn wants to increase his lead.   This is totally incredibly, beginning to end.   One winner, one definite winner ----- and one loser asking for an immediate rematch.   What a feud!  These wrestlers are ready to go at each other again.

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