Ray Mousi vs. Dario Espinosa

Total Running Time: 30:25
File Size: HD 1.69GB/ 4K 8.32GB

Dario Espinosa               5’8”               193 lbs.
Ray Mousi                      5’9”               188 lbs.


Dario (blue speedos) returns to Movimus to take on Ray Mousi (black/red speedos). These two massive bodybuilders are no strangers to the wrestling mat.   They waste no time at all in going for at each other – both try for front face locks and fail, but Dario goes for Ray’s leg and brings him to the mat only to have Ray roll through and got for a massive head scissors on Dario.  Dario escapes and finally clamps a front face lock on Ray and they take the struggle to the mat.   Check out how both body builders strain and stretch to get control.   Muscles being pushed to the limit.

"...my dream of a he-man bodybuilder brawl come true in Movimus's latest release."

Ringside at Skull Island

Dario eventually gets behind Ray, locks him in a body scissors and cross-faces him trying to get a choke and a win.  Ray struggles intensely to escape and forces Dario to release the hold.  Ray gets on top of Dario and goes for a nasty arm bar.  Can Dario possibly escape those huge Mousi muscles?   When he reverses and catches Ray in a head scissors, he cranks on the neck and shoulders.  Ray is in some real trouble.  Ray is in a head scissors and arm bar and you can see the power that Dario uses to apply the pressure.  

And so they go back and forth for 30 minutes of super intense action.   Both muscular bodies are totally put to the test.  Each wrestler gets stronger, more ripped, more muscular definition and power as the match goes on.  There is not holding back, no stopping both these guys.    Each wrestler is out to win – out to defeat the other.   It just doesn’t get any better than this.


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