Evan Turner vs. Shawn Duncan

Total Running Time: 25:15
File Size: HD 1.93GB/ 4K 6.89GB

Shawn Duncan                        5’5”                 145 lbs.                      
Evan Turner                             5’7”                 138 lbs.

Evan (black speedos) met and challenged Shawn (stripped speedos).   Shawn is a model, builder and personal trainer.   Evan took one look at his huge muscles and said “I wanna wrestle him”.   Shawn is a real good wrestler and one of the strongest guys for his size – ever !   Shawn is used to wrestling and beating much bigger guys so he figured Evan would not be much of a challenge.  They started pretty even, give and take, back and forth, lots of head locks, reversals, each wrestlers holding his own, not giving an inch to his opponent.  Shawn is able to put a lot more pressure on Evan than any one else ever has.   Evan took the tremendous pressure and escaped most of Shawn’s holds.

"Duncan vs Turner is the best of Movimus's Vegas matches I've seen so far, intense, vigorous, and captivating, with evenly paired opponents who are worlds apart in mat strategy and personality."

Ringside on Skull Island

Evan loses the first fall, not surprisingly.  He comes back tougher and stronger, determined to get a win.   He gets Shawn in a super tight head scissors and Shawn is using all his power and skill not to tap out.   Evan keeps Shawn in the head scissors for a long time draining much of the “strong man’s” stamina.   Finally Shawn escapes and begins to work over Evan, but Evan manages to keep up with the massive muscle moves and holds from Shawn.  These two guys are really wrestling to win.  They both catch each other in head scissors, a double head scissor hold.  WHAT A SIGHT !   Shawn’s massive legs wrapped around Evan’s head, squeezing as hard as he can.  Evan keeps his own head scissors on Shawn making the muscle boy squirm and fight hard to escape.  This is Awesome!

Evan gets on top and won’t let Shawn reverse, causing Shawn to really tire himself out.  Shawn taps out !   UNBELIEVEABLE ! ! !

The final fall has Evan in control, dominating and pounding on the big muscled Shawn.   Shawn takes a really good working over before catching Evan in a triangle choke.  He gets Evan real tight and just right.   He gets Evan down  to the mat and there is no way out for Evan.  He taps.   Two-out-of-three for Shawn, but unbelievably, Evan immediately challenges Shawn to a rematch.  “I can beat this guy” Evan told us ---  “and I’m going to do it”.    Look for these two wrestlers a lot more !

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