Todd Shaw vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 20:43
File Size: 250.2MB

Todd Shaw 6'4" 204 24yo
Max Anderson 5'11" 181 21yo

Todd (dark blue speedos) is "SO" ready to take on Max (light blues speedos). He's been wrestling with a couple of his buddies and learning more moves and holds. More than any other hold, he's been working on his head scissors and has really perfected the move. His thighs are incredibly strong and he is convinced that, if he can get Max tight in his legs, Max will tap.

They face each other and lock up. Max told us later that he was really impressed with how strong Todd is in the lock up position. They strain and push on their feet, trying to get each other to the mat. They both work for a good head lock and take down. Once on the mat, Todd keeps Max away with his long legs, scissoring Max around the waist. Max tries putting pressure on Todd's neck and face, but Todd is just too strong. Todd cradles Max and has Max "chewing on his knee" but Max says' You don't' think I'm going to give up in this". Todd throws in a full nelson, a really, really good one and wraps Max in a body scissor. We all think it's all over for Max, but Max has that incredible ankle lock. He throws it on Todd and in just 10 seconds has Todd taping out. Max was really in trouble, but once again proves what a really great wrestler he is.

But this match has a totally surprise ending. You've got to see Max. We've never seen Max Anderson like this in all the matches he's done for Movimus. Todd is intense - no smiles, no fun - all business. He really presses Max's buttons. Just one more fall. You've got to see for yourself.

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