Denny Webb vs. Todd Shaw

Total Running Time: 18:37
File Size: SD 228.4MB/ HD 1.1GB

Denny Webb 5'11" 164 19yo
Todd Shaw 6'4" 204 24yo

Denny (pink speedos) at 164 lbs., is an accomplished amateur wrestler. He has also done a number of professional wrestling shows in various places and is currently training in a professional wrestling school. He contacted NHB and asked to wrestle only big, muscular guys that would be a real challenge. Todd (orange speedos) is a former college football player, currently modeling and working on his Masters Degree. He is cut, very muscular, super strong, but lacking in a lot of wrestling experience. They both happened to be at the Movimus Studio to wrestle other guys closer to their own size and ability when Denny challenged Todd and told Movimus that he wanted his first match to be against Todd. Denny is giving away five inches and 40 lbs. to Todd. The more we tried to talk Denny out of this match, the more he was determined to wrestle the big, muscle boy. The match was on.

They got to the mat right away and Denny , using his skill, gets control. But it becomes quite obvious that Todd is much stronger. He turns Denny and the little guy is squirming. But Denny's a brawler. He keeps up the pressure trying to tire out the big guy. You'll see right away, there is no doubt about Denny's skill. He proves he can handle the big guy when he keeps regaining control and keeps Todd on his back. Todd, with his really long, strong legs, had Denny body-scissored from his back on the mat. After almost 10 minutes, Denny gets Todd's legs apart and goes for the front roll over. Todd is over on his shoulders when Denny works for the whizzor or front grape-vine. Todd is in real trouble and he uses all his power to get out. He just can't handle the hold and eventually taps, to the amazement of everyone except Denny.

The next match lasts more than ten minutes of an even give and take from both wrestlers. Denny uses a really tight, well-applied head scissors and keeps Todd on the mat and struggling for almost two minutes. It's outstanding to watch this little guy handle the big muscle man. But Todd learns quick . He reverses the hold and gets Denny's head between his own thighs and it's all over. Denny tries to get out, but there is just no way. Todd's thighs are way strong and his 6'4" of muscle keep Denny from reaching his angles to break the hold. Denny is forced to tap out.
They are one - to - one in their first match and we've promised Denny a rematch real soon.

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