Mike Durden vs. Roass Harrison

Total Running Time: 23:41
File Size: 285.7MB

Mike Durden 6' 158 18yo
Roass Harrison 5'9" 160 22yo

A RING MATCH! Mike (orange Clemson shorts) wanted to challenge Roass (green striped shorts) after seeing him take on Lance Jeffers. Mike is a workout partner with Lance and he wanted to handle Roass just as Lance did. Roass is training in UFC Brazilian Ju-jitsu, but Mike was real confident that he could handle Roass. Roass told us before the match that he was going to wrestle Mike and beat him using just wrestling skills. This match we had been trying to set up for about four months and it was well worth the wait.

Roass tried a judo arm bar from his feet. Mike escapes once, then again, but not the third time. Roass ties again in match 2, but Mike escapes. Mike tires the leg and ankle lock over and over again. Roass has very, very strong legs and keeps powering out. Neither of these guys get tired. They are both in incredible shape and wrestle often.

After losing the second fall, Mike is very upset with himself and comes at Roass in Match 3 with super speed and determination. Roass just gets tougher, stronger, and more determined. This is a great match to watch. You'll feel like you want to just into the ring and wrestle these guys yourself. This is real submission wrestling, right to the end, which lasts four submissions. It is definitely not a draw and I'm sure you will see more of these guys taking each other on. They are both already talking about the rematch. They both have a plan. Can't wait to see it.

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