Roass Harrison vs. Lance Jeffers

Total Running Time: 20:07
File Size: 244.2MB

Roass Harrison 5'9" 162 22yo
Lance Jeffers 5'8" 158 34yo

A RING MATCH! Roass (green shorts) works out on a regular basis with Lance (blue speedos). Lance considers Roass his wrestling student. Roass challenged Lance to a Movimus match. Lance was totally up for it, but told us that the match could go either way. Roass is tough, scrappy and wiry. He obviously loves to brawl. These are two very evenly matched wrestlers.

Roass gets on top first, but Lance uses his legs to keep Roass from getting a submission hold. Roass works the upper body trying to lock Lance's arms and get a submission headlock. Lance eventually reverses the move and tries working the same holds. Roass uses his legs as Lance did.

This continues throughout most of the match. The only submissions are when one guy makes a mistake from sheer exhaustion. It was a hot summer day, 90 deg plus in the gym. The skill level and strength of these two wrestlers is put to the test, first against each other, second against the heat and sweat. This is a great match to watch, not because of the slower, limited action , but because you can appreciate the skill and ability of both these guys.

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