Jace Davis vs. Roman Billups

Total Running Time: 18:00
File Size:  SD 214.1MB/ HD 989MB

Jace Davis                  5'8"      146 lbs       28yo
Roman Billups            5'6"      148 lbs       27yo

Roman (black speedos), very muscular, tight gym rat, challenged Jace Davis after seeing Jace completely destroy Tom York. Jace (silver speedos), sporting a little different look, was up for the match. Jace may not be the strongest Movimus Wrestler, but he can certainly match anyone in skill and ability. He has great confidence and he was psyched to take on the tight, muscle dude.

Jace met his match. Roman proved to be even stronger than he looks. Not extremely skilled in wrestling moves and holds, he's able to totally dominate this match just with the tremendous strength. Jace tried his favorite holds, leg scissors, all over Roman's body, chest, head. Roman was able to power out of each hold. He may be shorter, but Roman has great balance. Jace tried to use his extra height for leverage, no use.

This is certainly not a squash job, but Jace was hard pressed to get any effective hold on Roman. Frustration and exhaustion is what finally does in Jace Davis.

Look for Roman a lot more in Movimus matches. He's looking to take on some bigger guys.

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