Roman Billups vs. Bert Alvarez

Total Running Time: 21:53
File Size: 250.4MB

Roman Billups              5'6"             148 lbs             27yo
Bert Alvarez                  5'3"            144 lbs              28yo

Bert (blue speedos) asked Movimus for a match with Roman (black and red speedos) as soon as he saw Roman wrestle Jace Davis. Bert wanted to give the "muscle-dude" a wrestling lesson. Well, Roman sure did get a wrestling lesson, but it wasn't quite the way Bert expected it to be.

Both of these guys are in great shape. Roman is very strong, cut, and a body builder. Bert is an expert wrestler, knows all the moves and holds, and wrestles often with the Spartans in Philadelphia. Even with all his ability and skill, Bert was not able to contain the powerful Roman. Bert tried, body scissors, bear hugs, full nelsons, head scissors, and many other skill moves and holds, but Roman continued to prove that he could just power out of what ever Bert put him in.

The surprise to Bert was that Roman was able to put him into many painful moves and just hold him there. Bert doesn't like to lose at all, so he continued to hold out, but it was a real tough match for him. A couple of times, We thought that Bert was on the verge of submission, but he somehow managed to get out of the hold and reverse it on Roman. A few times Bert had Roman so tied up that we thought he would never get out, but we were wrong here too.

This is a great wrestling spectacle to watch! Two real gladiators battling till one just can't continue.


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