Scott Oliver vs. Tom York

Scott Oliver vs. Tom York

Total Running Time: 23:02
File Size: 276.8MB

Scott Oliver       5’8’”                  154       24yo
Tom York           5’10”                 145       24yo

            Scott (black and white speedos) saw Tom (red speedos) wrestle big Chris March and immediately told Movimus that he wanted to challenge Tom. Scott said he had been working out since his match against Jace Davis and was much more ready to wrestle in a challenge match. The match was set.

            Tom is a real tough, blond wrestler. He is very strong for his size. Scott has his work cut out for himself. Immediately, Tom took control, but he couldn’t keep Scott down. He had a real hard time getting a good hold on Scott. Scott may not be as strong, but he sure is more versatile and wiry.   Scott proved to be a worthy opponent. Tom tried all his wrestling skill, but Scott was able to break every hold. It was only a real power move (that Tom used when he was tired) that made Scott give up.

            The second and third falls were much more eve – a very fair exchange of holds; double head-scissors are awesome to look at. Both these lean, tough wrestlers were straining with everything they had and it shows. These guy are good wrestlers, and great to watch. You’ll see a lot more of them on Movimus Wrestling.

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