Roger Bennett vs. Bass Berlin

Total Running Time: 24:01
File Size: 203.6MB

Roger Bennett             6'4"           216 lbs        33yo
Bass Berlin                  6'1"           184 lbs        22yo

Bass (black speedos) watched Roger (red speedo) wrestle, and defeat, Matt Reid and challenged both wrestlers. Roger is first. Bass is giving about over 20 pounds and 3 inches and a bunch of wrestling experience, but Bass is confident that his power and muscle and handle Roger. Roger jumps at the opportunity to wrestle to "muscle boy".

Roger starts out in control. Bass is on his back ( a position he hates to be in) and can't power Roger off. Roger tries a cradle but Bass can just power out of that. Bass tries a body scissors , but it has no effect on Roger. Roger pushes Bass around for a while, frustrating Bass. Roger tries a couple good choke holds but Bass continues to power out. Finally, Roger gets Bass on his stomach and throws in a tight sleeper-choke hold and there's no way out for Bass.

Bass starts the second match by picking Roger off the mat and slamming him down That's never been done to 'big' Roger Bennett before. It takes a while before Roger can get back from that slam. But he hangs in there despite an onslaught of impressive moves and holds by Bass. When Roger finally does reverse Bass, he digs his knee and all his weight into Bass very powerful abs and has Bass wrenching in pain. The pressure is written all over Bass' face.

This match continues for two more submission and a decisive winner. Great wrestling and great bodies. These big guys can really go at it.

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